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If you are looking for an experienced and reputable bed bug extermination company in Franklin, Tennessee then you have come to the right place. Franklin Pest Control is a professional company that has been successfully dealing with and eradicating the worst bedbug infestations in Franklin for years. Unlike many pest infestations, Franklin TN Bed Bugs are some of the hardest to get rid of and you need the services of a knowledgeable technician to completely get rid of them. 

The Inspection

When you call us with a bedbug infestation we will send our licensed bedbug technicians to come to inspect your house to determine how serious the infestation is. We have a range of tools and equipment that we use to locate and inspect an infestation in your house. Some of the tools we use include powerful flashlights, inspection mirrors, forceps, magnifiers and screwdrivers, and vials. We like to conduct visual inspections of suspected infestations and we will inspect behind outlets and switches, cushions, night tables, mattresses, and box springs.

Once the exterminator confirms that the house is infested we will use specialized tools to find all the infested areas. We also use trained dogs to sniff out adults and eggs so that we can find all infested areas in the house. Once we determine the level of infestation, we will suggest an appropriate treatment.

Highly Experienced Bed Bug Treatment

To treat a bedbug infestation, it may be necessary to treat more than the room where the infestation has been found. Bedbugs often travel across floors and can be found in ceilings and walls of different rooms in the house, though the infestation levels will vary.
The treatment that we adopt will depend on the severity of infestation that we find. 
Treatment options may include treatment with pesticide application, portable steamers, and freezing using liquid carbon dioxide. Franklin Pest Control has the equipment and experienced technicians that can use either of these methods to get rid of the bedbug infestation in your home.
1. Pesticide Application – We dust all infested items and areas of the house such as mattresses, headboards, springs, and boxes. We also dust areas around the infested areas to kill all eggs and adults.
2. Steam – Using portable steamers we apply direct steam at over 140 degrees on the bedbugs and infested areas to kills bugs and their eggs.
3. Freezing – We use a specialized machine to spray liquid snow on infested areas, which will kill the bedbugs in all stages of their development. 

Why Choose Franklin Pest Control?

1. We are licensed professionals in Tennessee and hence we obey all the rules and regulations regarding health and safety expected of licensed exterminators in the state.
2. We are an insured and bonded company and we take the health and safety of our employees seriously. Since we are professionals, the risk of damage to your property is minimal but we have insurance so that you may have peace of mind while we take care of your Franklin TN Bed Bugs problem.
3. While we offer the best bedbug extermination service in Franklin, we provide competitive pricing since we understand that you are already in enough distress. We give you upfront quotes and no hidden charges so that you know what you are expected to pay before we start the extermination.
4. Our professionals are fully trained exterminators who know how to get rid of bedbugs from all rooms and crevices that they may be hiding in.
5. We are discreet and will not disrupt your life while we go about our business of eradicating the bedbugs. Not even your neighbors will know that you had your house treated for bedbugs.
6. We use environmentally friendly techniques and safe chemicals that will not harm the environment but will keep your pets and children free from any harm.
7. We customize our services to each client according to the extent of the infestation. This ensures that we do the most thorough job so that you never have to worry about bedbugs ever again.
If you need a bed bug solution and live in the Franklin, TN, area, do not hesitate to give us a call at 615-392-5292.

Franklin Pest Control is amazing. They take care of the business where I work. I also use them at my home. I cannot say enough good things about them. They pay very close attention and are very attentive to your needs.

Always on time, get the job done and will go the extra mile to help. Very informative, always very well mannered and polite. So happy with the service I have received, couldn't imagine anyone doing it better. Very thorough with a genuine desire to eliminate any and all pest problems you may have.

It’s always a good experience dealing with folks from Franklin Pest Control. I will certainly be having them take care of my new digs. Thanks

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